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At Alternatives for Women we provide Second Stage Housing and non-judgmental, supportive counselling from a feminist perspective. We advocate on behalf of women and children and we provide public education about the issues that concern women who have experienced domestic violence. 

All of our counselling services are free and confidential

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Our priority is your safety!

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Our Board of Directors

The Alternatives for Women Board of Directors

Leah Morgan

Executive Director

I have worked in the Violence Against Women sector for the past 18 years, and am a passionate advocate for women’s rights. I believe that all people should be treated equitably, with dignity and respect, and live a life free from violence. 

Emily Cowan


I decided to join the AFW Board to help address domestic violence and support women and families in my community. I work for the municipality and have an interest in policy and advocacy. 

Dominique Jones


I joined the Board of Alternatives for Women because I want to make sure women in our community are heard and feel safe. I have previously worked for 2 chartered financial institutions in advisory and managerial capacities and currently manage a small business investment fund for a local non-for-profit. 

Dee Hazel

Kiosan Committee Chair

I have a background in healthcare and caring in general. I volunteer with AFW because it makes my world bigger. 

Gillian White


Driven by a desire to advocate, raise awareness in the community, and support women and children, I joined the Alternatives for Women Board. When I am not busy working in the Financial Services sector, you can find me enjoying my garden and walking my dog on my property in Prince Edward County.
Teri McNair

HR Committee Chair

I joined the AFW Board because I want to be apart of an organization that helps women and children and walks beside them to support them in their time of need.  I am a retired HR Professional/Leader, I have 2 adult children and live in Picton with my husband. 

Caroline Granger


I joined the board of Alternatives for Women in 1999 to try and save the agency from amalgamation to ensure the women in our community had help when they needed it where they were. I have stayed with the agency all this time because I need to strive toward a future that is free from violence! I bring a love of governance and a deep respect for the sustainability good policies can bring. I have a small business in the community that focuses on providing opportunities for women of all ages in non traditional roles and  I am single mother who survived violence in her own life and raised my three children here.