Orange Shirt Day and Intimate Partner Violence
This blog explains what Orange Shirt Day (the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation) is and why it matters in the fight against intimate partner violence
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#SearchTheLandfill (artwork by kisa.artist)

            Unlike so many missing Indigenous women, we are pretty sure where to find Marcedes Myran and Morgan Harris. The Winnipeg Police believe that they are in a landfill north of the city.  A third woman, known as Buffalo Woman, is believed to be there too.


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Four Years is Too Long

        This year marks four years since the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Girls and Two-Spirit People filed its final report. Like so many other reports, this one seems to be sitting on a shelf and gathering dust. Two of the 231 ...

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Bill C-48
Bill C-48 will make things safer for survivors of abuse.
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Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence
This post explores some of the connections between sexual assault and intimate partner violence.
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