Three important words!

        These are the first words that you should say if you are honoured enough by someone else’s trust to be told that they are experiencing intimate partner violence. Regardless of how the subject is broached and what words are used to describe the situatio...

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Advice on how to help someone you believe is being hurt
Learn how you can help someone you believe is experiencing intimate partner violence.
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Rural Realities

Alternatives for Women is here to help you! We are located in beautiful Prince Edward County, which is sometimes not so beautiful behind closed doors. This is something we have in common with the other people working against gender-based violence. Wherever we are (city, town, or countryside) we can ...

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'tis the season

    Let’s all enjoy the holidays this year! Let there be love, companionship, joy, and sharing. Let us feel free to gather with family and friends, to enjoy a meal, a walk in the snow, ice-skating, or tobogganing. Let the exchange of gifts be meaningful. Let the kids have fun. Le...

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